Bar Rescue At St8 Pub, Now Downstairs Bar And Kitchen in Englewood, Colorado

Bar Rescue At St8 Pub, Now Downstairs Bar And Kitchen in Englewood, Colorado
Bar Rescue At St8 Pub, Now Downstairs Bar And Kitchen in Englewood, Colorado

On Tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Englewood, Colorado to try to rescue the St8 Pub (State Pub), a college bar outside of Denver. During the rescue, Taffer changed the name of the St8 Pub to Downstairs Bar + Kitchen. The makeover and rescue happened back in August, 2016.

The Downstairs Bar + Kitchen’s “prospective owner” Sean reportedly scares away customers, drinks too much on the job, owes $25,000 in back rent (which he hasn’t paid in 13-months) and owes another $10,000 in loans. Sean’s landlord has  given him just 5-weeks to pay in full, otherwise he’s going to be shut down and left $35,000 in debt. Taffer tries to rescue the bar while ensuring the potential ownership deal doesn’t fall through.

Bar Rescue St8 Pub Owner Sean
Bar Rescue St8 Pub Owner Sean

While Sean is referred to the owner of the St8 Pub, now the Downstairs Bar + Kitchen, current Colorado state records show the owner of the establishment is Boomerang Capital LLC. The liquor license also lists Boomerang Capital LLC as the licensee.

On August 20, 2016, Sean posted the following announcement on the bar’s Facebook page:

State Pub is officially Downstairs Bar & Kitchen. Can’t delve too much into details but we went under a MASSIVE renovation this week. Better food, same great Colorado beers and full bar. Prices are still amazing and so is the staff. Come see the new us!

A Closer Look

  • The Downstairs Bar + Kitchen website can be found here, while the old St8 Pub website is still available here.
  • You can also find out what’s happening at the Downstairs Bar + Kitchen by checking out their Facebook page.
  • Bartender Caitlin Fisher is active on her personal Facebook page
  • You can also check out the Facebook page for bartender Nicole Christine here
  • Former bartender Zoe, is also active on Facebook
  • Here’s the Facebook page for Sean’s mother, Pam, who helps out at the bar.


The Reviews Are In

As always, and when available, we like to take a look at online reviews of the bars that appear on Bar Rescue. Here’s a look at some highlights from Yelp reviews since Taffer’s intervention last August. Only a couple reviews have been posted since the rescue.

Positive Reviews

  • My favorite neighborhood bar. Great staff and food, best bar for beer options in the area.

Negative Reviews

  • Sean the owner is the reason we will never go back. We saw bar rescue there as we are also neighborhood locals. We were excited when you first opened because we miss Aussie and it closed. In fact you are in walking distance to where I live. Our service was pathetic. I ordered one round and didn’t see or hear from anyone for at least 40 minutes.

Episode Promo Videos

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