Gator Tail Burger Featured On Hard Rock Cafe’s 2017 World Burger Tour Menu

Gator Tail Burger Featured On Hard Rock Cafe's 2017 World Burger Tour Menu
Gator Tail Burger Featured On Hard Rock Cafe's 2017 World Burger Tour Menu

The World Burger Tour is back at the Hard Rock Cafe for 2017 and this year the worldly lineup features a burger topped with a breaded gator tail. Yes, alligator.

This year’s World Burger Tour menu features a dozen burgers – however, menus may vary by location.

Seminole Cattlemen Burger with Gator Tail

Representing the Seminole tribe of Florida, the Seminole Cattlemen Burger features bacon infused heart of palm, tomato and tupelo-breaded gator tail smothered in Seminole wing sauce.

Seminole Cattlemen Burger with Gator Tail
Seminole Cattlemen Burger with Gator Tail

Here’s a look at other burgers featured as part of the World Burger Tour menu for 2017:

  • Greek Burger – Athens, Greece – Eggplant salad and haydari yogurt sauce, crisp lettuce and vine-ripened tomato.
  • Tango Salsa Burger – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Andouille sausage, salsa criolla, garlic aioli, Monterey jack cheese, fresh arugula and topped with a fried egg.
  • Ole Burger – Barcelona, Spain – Red pepper romesco sauce, aioli, roasted vegetables, goat cheese crumbles and arugula.
  • Colombian Plantain Burger – Cartagena, Columbia – Caramelized onions, garlic aioli, bacon and Monterey Jack Cheese, spiked with molasses and topped with fried plantains.
  • English Breakfast Burger – London, England – Breakfast sausage, sliced ham, arugula, grilled portobello mushroom, fresh tomato and a fresh-cracked egg.
  • Tennessee BBQ Burger – Mamphis, TN – Certified Angus patty seasoned with a Memphis Dry Rub and topped with pickle slices, Memphis slaw, pulled pork, tangy Barbeque sauce, crispy onions and cheddar.
  • Spinach, Chickpea & Potato Burger – New Delhi, India – A house made patty of red skin potato, spinach, chili peppers, cilantro, chickpeas and spices, topped with arugula, tomato, cucumber and a spiced yogurt sauce.
  • Jambalaya Burger – New Orleans, LA – Cajun mayo, pickles, andouille sausage, pepper jack cheese and a jambalaya rice cake.
  • Riviera Burger – Nice, France – Savory olive tapenade and smoked peppers, marinated tomato, goat cheese, fresh greens and crisp potato rosti.
  • When In Rome Burger – Rome, Italy – Pancetta, garlic aioli, arugula and ricotta cheese with sun-dried tomato.
  • Kimchi Burger – Seoul, South Korea – Skimchi, bulgogi sauce, fresh tomato and lettuce and spicy mayo.

The 2017 World Burger Tour is available at participating Hard Rock Cafe locations around the world through June 25, 2017.

Images – Hard Rock Cafe

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