Bar Rescue At Paddy’s Pub Renamed Pat’s Courtyard Bar In Pahrump, Nevada

Bar Rescue At Paddy’s Pub Renamed Pat’s Courtyard Bar In Pahrump, Nevada
Bar Rescue At Paddy’s Pub Renamed Pat’s Courtyard Bar In Pahrump, Nevada

On tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Pahrump, Nevada to try to rescue Paddy’s Pub. During the makeover, which took place in January, 2017, Taffer decided to change the name of Paddy’s Pub to Pat’s Courtyard Bar. Several months later the owners ultimately decided not to keep the name, and in June, change the name of Pat’s Courtyard Bar to the Oasis Bar.


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Pat Rodgers originally bought Paddy’s Pub in 2006 as an investment, and as a future for her son Russ. After several years of success, Pat eventually turned the bar over to her son Russ, but within six months, Paddy’s was in financial trouble. Russ, who suffers from corneal degeneration (an eye disease that causes loss of vision over time) was forced to rely on untrained staff to pick up slack.

On the verge of closing, and over $100,000 in debt, including $26,000 borrowed from his mother Pat, and another $15,000 borrowed from his bookkeeper Tawna, Russ and Pat both agreed to make a call for help, to Bar Rescue.

Here’s a video from a local news report featuring an interview with owner Russ Rodgers as he talks about his Bar Rescue experience.

Pahrump bar rescue

A Pahrump pub got a much-needed makeover thanks to a popular reality show. See how Pat’s Courtyard Bar transformed with the help of Bar Rescue.

Posted by FOX5 Las Vegas on Friday, April 21, 2017

Oasis Bar – A Closer Look

On changing the name from Taffer’s “Pat’s Courtyard Bar” to the “Oasis Bar,” Russ told PV Times that “Pat’s Courtyard Bar” was a “little too vanilla.”

As part of the Bar Rescue, Taffer brought in Vic Vegas to design a new food menu. Vic designed a new gourmet sandwich menu that the bar promotes as “Six Slamming Sandwiches.”

A couple of weeks after the makeover, a local media source published a feature on the newly renovated Pat’s Courtyard Bar. The feature included an interview with Russ Rodgers and details about the changes.

Since the remodel, Rodgers said that customers have been impressed with the new look, except for a few regulars who didn’t feel any changes were warranted.

Image – Bar Rescue/YouTube