Popeyes Introduces New Hot Honey Crunch Tenders And Raspberry ‘N Cream Cheese Pie

Popeyes Introduces New Hot Honey Crunch Tenders
Popeyes Introduces New Hot Honey Crunch Tenders And Raspberrry ‘N Cream Cheese Pie

Popeyes offers a new saucy twist on their popular chicken tenders with the introduction of new Hot Honey Crunch Tenders.


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The new limited-time offering features the brand’s Crunchy Tenders drizzled with new Red Hot Honey Sauce. You can pick the new tenders up as part of $5 box deal featuring three new tenders, plus your choice of one regular side, and a Buttermilk Biscuit, along with an additional side of Red Hot Honey Sauce for your dipping pleasure.

New Raspberrry ‘N Cream Cheese Pie

Also new at Popeyes is the Raspberrry ‘N Cream Cheese Pie, featuring a deep-fried turnover-style crust filled with cream cheese and a sweet raspberry puree.

Raspberrry ‘N Cream Cheese Pie
Raspberrry ‘N Cream Cheese Pie

You can find Hot Honey Crunch Tenders at participating Popeyes locations through September 30, 2017.

Hot Honey Crunch Tenders Review

Peep This Out!‘s Ian Ian Keiner got an early look at new Hot Honey Crunch Tenders ahead of their nationwide launch today (Monday, July 31). You can check out Ian’s complete review below!

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