Bar Rescue At Lucky Leprechaun (Lucky’s Corner Pocket) In Davenport, Florida

Bar Rescue At Lucky Leprechaun (Lucky’s Corner Pocket) In Davenport, Florida
Bar Rescue At Lucky Leprechaun (Lucky’s Corner Pocket) In Davenport, Florida

Tonight on Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Davenport, Florida to try to rescue the Lucky Leprechaun Irish Saloon. The Lucky Leprechaun is a bar that prominently a features pool hall.

During the May 2017 rescue, Taffer decided to change the name of the Lucky Leprechaun to Lucky’s Corner Pocket.

Lucky’s Corner Pocket owner Georgiann Browne and now her ex-husband Terry Browne originally opened the 3,200-square-foot bar in 2010.

Lucky’s Corner Pocket
Lucky’s Corner Pocket

Making The Bar Rescue Cut

According to The Ledger, Georgiann started campaigning for a “Bar Rescue” in 2012, when she started sending letters and emails to the show’s Los Angeles office. In October 2016, her efforts paid off when she was contacted by the show’s production company asking if she would be interested in participating in a rescue.

After a series of interviews, Georgiann was told her bar made the cut, setting the wheels in motion for a rescue that eventually went down in early May, 2017.

About $80,000 went into the rescue, most of which went into getting the bar up to code. Georgiann told The Ledger that she received new equipment, including a new bar sink, bar menu, three point-of-sale systems, signs, cigarette smoke eaters and other enhancements and training.

Hurricane Irma

Lucky’s Corner Pocket was planning to host a viewing party during Sunday’s TV airing, however, due to being in the path of Hurricane Irma, the event is now highly unlikely to occur.

HURRICANE UPDATE: We will be closing our doors promptly at 10pm tonight! We will re-open when it becomes safe for people to travel on the roadways again!!! Stay safe everyone!!!

Posted by Lucky’s Corner Pocket on Saturday, September 9, 2017

It's looking rather doubtful we'll be able to see the preview of our Bar Rescue episode, forget having the BBQ, Band…

Posted by Lucky's Corner Pocket on Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Closer Look

  • You can check out Georgiann Browne on Facebook, along with bar manager Cailin Goldey, and bartender Roger Boyce.
  • The bar has two active Facebook pages – you can find the new Lucky’s Corner Pocket Facebook page here, while the Lucky Leprechaun Irish Saloon Facebook page is here.
  • You can watch a video here featuring Georgiann and Cailin showing off some of the improvements Taffer and his crew made during the makeover.

Lucky’s Corner Pocket Reviews Are In

As always, and when available, we like to take a look at online reviews of the bars after undergoing a Taffer rescue.  Since the May rescue, reviews on Yelp are less than stellar. Most of the complaints and negative reviews are related to karaoke nights.

Here’s a sample from some of the reviews:

Positive Reviews

  • “Give it a Shot”.   Updated by Bar Rescue !   New Smoke Eaters / Ozonators so check it out again if you’ve been here before.  Love the new taps as the cold beer is fresh!

Negative Reviews

  • The guy who runs karaoke in this place has no respect for the customers. Came in and there were 16 people in the place and the music was so loud you could here it 3 doors down outside.
  • I am a regular here. I enjoy karaoke except when the music is so loud you can’t hear your neighbor talking to you.
  • Don’t come to this place on Sunday night if you want to have a conversation. The koraope singing and so loud. You can’t hear your thoughts.
  • Bar rescue revitalized this bar. They went non smoking which made it a pleasure to sit and enjoy a beverage without the haze and smell. Came in tonight and the smoking and haze was back. No longer a place to enjoy a relaxing beverage.

Lucky Leprechaun’s Episode Promo Video

Jon Taffer Shuts Down Illegal Pool Hustling Operation

Images – YouTube/Lucky’s Corner Pocket

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