Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs Officially Launch In The US

Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs Officially Launch In the US
Kinder Joy Surprise Eggs Officially Launch In the US

Just in time for the holiday season, Kinder offers fans in the US a sweet surprise with the official launch of Kinder Joy surprise eggs.

The US version of Kinder Joy surprise eggs feature a plastic egg-shaped package that is comprised of two separately sealed halves. One half features an edible treat made of two soft cream layers – one sweet milk-cream flavored and one cocoa, embedded with two round chocolate-covered wafer bites that are filled with sweet cocoa cream. A special spoon is also included.

The other half contains a surprise toy intended for children ages three and up that has to be assembled.  A wide range of toys are available, including limited-time seasonal and special licensed toys.

Kinder Joy will start hitting Walmart shelves exclusively on Black Friday, for $1.34 per egg. After the first 30 days, Kinder Joy availability will expand to other retailers with a suggested retail price of $1.59 per egg.

Image – Kinder

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