Walmart Unveils Exclusive Valentine’s Candy Lineup

Walmart Unveils Exclusive Valentine’s Candy Lineup
Walmart Unveils Exclusive Valentine’s Candy Lineup

Walmart is once again celebrating Valentine’s Day with an exclusive lineup of festive candy, including a 3-pound Hershey’s chocolate bar and a variety of other sweet treats.

Here’s the complete list of Valentine’s candy exclusive to Walmart for 2018:

Hershey’s 3lb Chocolate Bar: 3 pounds of the brand’s milk chocolate for $19.98.

Hershey’s Strawberry Crème Hearts: Heart-shaped bite-size milk chocolates, filled with strawberry crème for a suggested price of $2.98.

Jolly Rancher Jelly Hearts: Available in cherry, strawberry and watermelon flavors – each box includes 25 packs for $4.98 per box.

Kit Kat Filled Cane: Valentine’s Day twist on a holiday favorite filled with snack-size crispy wafer bars covered in milk chocolate for $2.00 per cane.

Pot of Gold Caramel Clusters: Classic Hershey’s chocolate and rich caramel with crunchy pecans for $5.48.

Haribo Heart: Filled with fat free gummy bears packed with natural flavors for $5.00.

Brach’s Friendship Exchange Mix: A mix of candy from Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers and Lemonheads to Conversation Hearts and Now & Later, with a “to-from” label for $4.98.

Hershey’s Valentine’s Exchange Assortment: early 2 pounds of snack size Hershey’s candies, like the classic chocolate bars, KitKat and Reese’s for $8.98.

Also available at Walmart, but not exclusive to the brand are:

Reese’s Pink Hearts: 10 ounces of peanut butter and pink colored white crème for $2.98.

Reese’s 1-lb. Hearts: Classic peanut butter cup taste in an extra-large heart shape for $9.98.

Giant Milk Chocolate Hershey Kiss: 7-ounces of solid chocolate for $4.83.

Kisses Deluxe Marbled Milk Chocolates with Cheesecake Filling: Marbled milk chocolate, a white crème shell and decadent cheesecake filling for $5.00.

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