Bar Rescue At Phish Heads (Now Phish Tales) In Lake City Florida

On tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and his crew are in Lake City, Florida to try to rescue Phish Heads, a family operated bar and grill established in 1999.


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During makeover, which occurred earlier this years in January, Jon decided to change the name of Phish Heads to Phish Tales.

Phish Tales is owned and operated by Philip Crenshaw, his wife Toni and son James.

On the verge of bankruptcy and $250,000 in the hole, Philip and Toni are in a battle with their stubborn, lazy son James (bar manager), who is sinking the family business.

Taffer took to Twitter on January 11, 2018 inviting anyone in the Lack City, Florida area to drop by Phish Heads at 7:00 p.m. to watch him “Shut It Down.”

A Closer Look

Phish Tales Makeover Video

Here’s a Facebook video inside Phish Tales after Taffer’s makeover:

The ‘Bar Rescue’ new and improved Phish Tales restaurant and bar is open for business on South Main Street in Lake City! … Congratulations to the Crenshaw family on the new look!

Posted by Lake City Reporter on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Episode Promo Videos

‘You’re a Lazy F*** Who Let Them Down!’

Jon confronts James, Toni and Philip to question why James is unable to run Phish Heads on his own after nine years of employment.

‘Doesn’t Look the Part, Doesn’t Act the Part, Doesn’t Get the Part’

Jon, Mia and Chef Aaron are shocked to see James’s managerial style as the recon customers have an underwhelming experience at Phish Heads.

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