Subway Is Selling A New BBQ Rib Sandwich

Subway Is Selling A BBQ Rib Sandwich
Subway Is Selling A New BBQ Rib Sandwich

Perhaps looking to cash in on the success of McDonald’s iconic McRib sandwich, Subway gives the Golden Arches a kick to the ribs with the launch of the new BBQ Rib sandwich at select locations.


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The BBQ Rib Sandwich features a boneless pork rib patty topped with BBQ sauce, pickles, onions and lettuce on your choice of bread.

You can pick up a 6-inch at participating locations for a suggested price of $3.49.

It’s my understanding that the BBQ Rib Sandwich is currently available at select locations in southern states. Drop me a note if you happen to come across it in other regions and I’ll circle back to this post and update with sightings.

While Subway has periodically offered a similar BBQ Rib sandwich in local markets in the past, the latest incarnation is supposedly totally reimagined and new.

Here’s a Subway commercial for a BBQ Rib sandwich from almost 2 decades ago back in 1999:

Image – Subway