Brach’s Disputes Conversation Hearts Shortage This Valentine’s Day

Brach’s Disputes Conversation Hearts Shortage This Valentine's Day
Brach’s Disputes Conversation Hearts Shortage This Valentine's Day

Brach’s looks to ease fears of a Conversation Hearts shortage by assuring fans that they have more than enough of the sweet treats to go around this Valentine’s Day.

Responding to recent media reports of a shortage in America’s favorite Valentine’s Day candy, Brach’s issued a statement Monday saying “a broad variety of Brach’s Conversation Hearts are currently available at a wide array of retailers around the country.”

Brach’s Tiny Conversation Hearts are available in classic flavors including wintergreen, banana, orange, lemon, cherry and grape as well as on-trend flavors including Tropical Fruit, Very Berry and Sweet and Sour.

For context, Necco, the maker of Sweethearts Conversation Hearts went out of business last year, reportedly leaving the fan-favorite candy in short supply for the 2019 Valentine’s Day season. While the Spangler Candy Company acquired rights to make Sweethearts last fall, the company indicated they would not be able to ramp up production in time for Valentine’s Day 2019.

According to Brach’s GM Hans Becher, in 2018, the brand had 55 percent market dollar share among the top four brands in the segment, while outpacing their nearest former competitor nearly three to one in terms of pounds sold.

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