Bar Rescue At Eliphino Dive And Dine (Shattered Bar) In Las Vegas

Bar Rescue A Eliphino Dive And Dine (Shattered Bar) In Las Vegas
Bar Rescue A Eliphino Dive And Dine (Shattered Bar) In Las Vegas

On tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and his team are back in Las Vegas to try to save Eliphino Dive and Dine. As the name suggests, the Eliphino Dive and Dine is a dive bar.

Tonight’s episode was filmed back in February 2018 and Jon decided to change the name of Eliphino Dive and Dine to the Shattered Bar. The Shattered Bar is owned and operated by John W McDonnell.

Out Of Business

Former bar owner John McDonnell shut down the Shattered Bar last October, a full six months before tonight’s Bar Rescue episode broadcast. John could easily be described as an unhappy camper. He had been hoping the publicity from the airing of tonight’s episode would help boost the bar’s bottom line, and contribute to its ongoing success. But due to the 14-month delay between the actual rescue and the broadcast, John wasn’t able to keep the bar above water.

You can check out what John wrote about his Bar Rescue experience below – but before we go there, lets take a closer look at some of the players in tonight’s episode:

Owner Jon McDonnell announces the closure of the Shattered Bar

Hi guys. John here.Needed to take a little time to myself.In case you haven't heard, the bar closed.Could have been a…

Posted by The Shattered Bar on Thursday, October 25, 2018

John’s Bar Rescue Rant

Former owner John McDonnell documents his Bar Rescue experience. What follows is screengrab of this Facebook post by former bar owner
John McDonnell on his Bar Rescue experience.

Episode Teaser Video

Image – Google Street View/Screengrab