Pie Five Unveils 3 New Calzones

Pie Five Unveils 3 New Calzones
Pie Five Unveils 3 New Calzones

Pie Five Pizza announced today that it will debut three new Calzones at participating locations nationwide beginning Tuesday, May 14, 2019.


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The on-the-go oven-baked folded pizzas will debut in the following three varieties:

Loaded Italian: Tuscan marinara, mozzarella, pepperoni, ham, bacon, beef, Italian sausage and house dressing all folded and baked in the chain’s artisan dough.

Double Pepperoni: Tuscan marinara, mozzarella and extra pepperoni in baked artisan crust.

Meatball: Tuscan marinara, mozzarella and sliced meatballs all folded and baked up in Pie Five’s artisan crust.

Additionally, and for an extra kick of flavor, every calzone is baked with garlic butter and magic dust. Pie Five’s Magic Dust contains an Italian cheese blend of parmesan, romano and provolone cheeses.

Prior to the upcoming nationwide launch, Pie Five tested five calzone varieties in two select markets back in November 2018. Buffalo Chicken and Tree Hugger didn’t make the cut, at least for their nationwide debut.

While Pie Five didn’t provide pricing details, I can tell you that calzones went for $6.99 each during the market test.

Image – Pie Five