Bar Rescue At The Broadway Club (The Roost Bar) In Tooele, Utah

Bar Rescue At The Broadway Club (The Roost Bar) In Tooele, Utah
Bar Rescue At The Broadway Club (The Roost Bar) In Tooele, Utah

On tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Tooele, Utah to rescue The Broadway Club.

The Broadway Club is co-owned by Patty Bullock and Randy Hunt. According to the episode synopsis, a bar owner’s (Patty) drunk antics chase away customers and force her husband (Adam) and their investor (Randy) to pick up the slack.

Patty sells real estate by day, and apparently drinks too much at night.

The makeover happened back in July 2019 and Jon decide to change the name of The Broadway Club to The Roost Bar as part of the rebranding.

While the owners kept the new name, they refer to the establishment as The Roost Bar aka Broadway Club.

Due to the current COVID-19 health crisis, The Roost Bar has been closed since midnight March 18, 2020.

On July 27, 2019, The Roost Bar posted the following statement on their Facebook page concerning the Bar Rescue:

“The show was a whirlwind and incredibly stressful for all of us. We were given no information in any way as to what their intentions were. We learned more on Facebook than we did from production. When we walked in during the big reveal we were as shocked as you were to have the dance floor covered in furnishings. We understand what the show’s goal is and it was to utilize the kitchen and make the bar profitable because, I assure you, it was not. Where they say “Bust open the books!” that’s exactly what they did. That is the sole premise of the show.

We are two days in and still trying to absorb. We are hearing a tremendous amount of rumors and I assure you they are all just that, rumors. The staff has been instructed to say “no decisions have been made in any direction.” And that is what I am offering to all of you.

Again, we are TWO DAYS into the rescue. We are asking for your time and patience while we sort this out. I promise you we are hearing your input, however, we are not going back to business as usual. It wasn’t working and it was not profitable. Now we have a new foundation to build from and great things are coming. Some old, but mostly new. Stay tuned…”

A Closer Look

Street View of The Broadway Club (The Roost Bar)

Image – Screengrab/YouTube