Bar Rescue At La Casona Bar And Grill

Bar Rescue At La Casona Bar And Grill
Bar Rescue At La Casona Bar And Grill

On tonight’s 200th episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and his crew are in Las Vegas to rescue La Casona Bar and Grill, a historic Mexican bar with a 40-year history.


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La Casona Bar & Grill is a Mexican seafood restaurant that offers authentic dishes from the Michoacan region and sports a bar that boasts over 60 drinks.

According to the episode synopsis, Jon rescues a family (Victor, Claudia and daughter Phoebe) who bought a Mexican restaurant at the height of the pandemic and put their daughter’s future on the line to chase the bright lights of Vegas.

The family is reportedly in $80,000 in debt, and lost their home just three days before Taffer showed up for the rescue.

The rescue happened in April 2021.

A Closer Look

  • Here’s the La Casona website.
  • La Casona is also active on Facebook,
  • Owner Claudia uses her Facebook page to actively promote the bar and grill.
  • Owner Victor also uses his Facebook page to promote the bar.
  • Back in November 2020, La Casona landed on Las Vegas’ Dirty Dining list.
  • You can check out online reviews of La Casona via Google Reviews and Yelp.

Street View of La Casona Bar & Grill

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