Panera Unveils New Chef’s Chicken Sandwiches

Panera Unveils New Chef’s Chicken Sandwiches
Panera Unveils New Chef’s Chicken Sandwiches

Panera looks to redefine the chicken sandwich with the debut of new handcrafted Chef’s Chicken Sandwiches starting March 30, 2022.


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To redefine the chicken sandwich, chefs at Panera started at the core by marinating a quarter pound of 100 percent all-white meat chicken breast filet in a rich, savory chicken broth and finished it with a signature spice blend. Each filet is topped with spicy crunchy topping, either pickle crisps or parmesan crisps all stacked between a buttery brioche bun that is sealed with a proprietary umami-rich garlic aioli sauce  – designed to deliver a “chef’s kiss with each bite.”

Available at Panera cafes nationwide, new Chef’s Chicken Sandwiches debut in two varieties – “Signature Take” and “Spicy Take.”

Here’s a closer look at the new handcrafted sandwiches:

The Signature Take starts with Panera’s signature Chef’s Chicken Filet and it is topped with Panera’s new garlic aioli sauce made with extra virgin olive oil, white wine, garlic, and a secret blend of spices. Next, they add savory parmesan crisps for added flavor and crunch and finally the sandwich is topped with leafy emerald greens for an element of freshness all built on Panera’s lightly sweet and hearty, brioche bun made with real butter.

The Spicy Take is basically a Signature Take, but instead of parmesan crisps, Panera adds spicy cucumber crisps for an added and unexpected layer of bold, crunch and spice. Last, The Spicy Take filet is topped with Panera’s Spicy Buffalo Sauce – a rich, buttery wing sauce flavor made with aged red cayenne pepper and roasted garlic balanced with subtle notes of sweet honey and molasses.

While admittedly pricier than other chicken sandwiches on the market at $11 each, Panera is confident their new handcrafted chicken sandwiches are worth it.

Image courtesy of Panera