Pasqually’s Launches New Flavor Up Menu

Pasqually's Introduces New Flavor Up Menu
Pasqually's Introduces New Flavor Up Menu

Virtual kitchen brand Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings is celebrating its second birthday with the launch of its new Flavor Up menu.


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Launched in the spring of 2020 by CEC Entertainment, Pasqually’s new Flavor Up menu includes three new 14-inch pizzas along with three new wing sauces.

Pasqually’s new handmade pizza flavors include:

  • Buffalo & Ranch Pizza: Pasqually’s signature Homestyle BBQ Chicken pizza, finished off with a Drizzle Duo of Buffalo and Ranch sauces.
  • BBQ & Honey Hot Pizza: Pasqually’s signature All- Meat recipe featuring pepperoni, sausage, ham, ground beef and bacon, finished with a Drizzle Duo of BBQ and Honey Hot sauces.
  • BBQ & Buffalo Veggie Pizza: Pasqually’s signature All-Veggie pie made with black olives, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers and tomatoes, finished with a Drizzle Duo of BBQ and Buffalo sauces.
New Pasqually's Pizza & Wings Pizzas
New Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings Pizzas

Fans can also Flavor Up boneless or traditional wings in any one of the following three new sauce blends:

  • Hawaiian BBQ: a blend of pineapple tidbits and BBQ sauce.
  • Buttered Citrus Sweet Chili: a blend of garlic butter, lemon pepper and sweet Thai chili sauce.
  • Sweet Hot: a blend of garlic butter, chili lime rub and Louisiana Honey Hot sauce.

Additionally, you can also mix and match any of the toppings and sauces with the brand’s Create Your Own Flavor-Up Pizza option to take the flavor up a notch.

In hornor of the two year milestone, Pasqually’s is offering a buy two, get one free pizza through April 5, 2022 with promo code “B2G1Pizza” on

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