Moondoggy’s Pizza On Restaurant Impossible

Moondoggy's Pizza On Restaurant Impossible
Moondoggy's Pizza On Restaurant Impossible

On tonight’s episode on Restaurant Impossible, Robert Irvine and his team are in Brunswick, Georgia to save Moondoggy’s Pizza.


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Owned and operated by best friends Renesha and Brandy, Moondoggy’s Pizza is on the brink of collapse, leaving Robert with an almost impossible task – bringing Moondoggy’s back from the brink.

According to the episode synopsis, “Renesha feels disrespected by the staff and customers while Brandy’s failure to lead or communicate is sinking them deeper into debt. With their friendship and restaurant on the line, Robert Irvine must teach them the basics of running a business and how to build a better culture among their staff.”

The makeover happened back in mid-December 2021.

A Closer Look

  • Here’s the Moondoggy’s Pizza website.
  • Moondoggy’s Pizza is also active on Facebook.
  • Moondoggy’s is hosting a watch party for the episode premiere on Food Network.
  • You can check out post-makeover online reviews on Moondoggy’s at Google Reviews and Yelp.

Google Street View of Moondoggy’s Pizza

Image via Twitter/@RobertIrvine