KFC Introduces New Finger Sporks

KFC Introduces New Finger Sporks
KFC Introduces New Finger Sporks

KFC looks to bring out the fun in family dinner with the introduction of new Finger Sporks, the fried chicken chain’s new innovative eating utensil that “makes all your KFC favorites (literally) finger lickin’ good.”


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Representing a new spin on the original sporks that KFC helped popularize in the early 1970s, KFC Finger Sporks feature precision prong articulation, anterior branding optimization and sporkasticity technology, making it even more fun “to scoop out your mac & cheese, retrieve that last piece of corn and delight in your mashed potatoes.”

To use, simply place your finger in the KFC Finger Spork, dip said finger into your favorite KFC side item and then elevate the vessel into your mouth.

KFC Finger Sporks are available now for free with the purchase of a KFC Sides Lovers Meal on the KFC mobile app, KFC.com or in restaurants starting June 21 through July 12, 2022, or while supplies last.

To qualify for 2 free KFC Finger Sporks, you must purchase a Sides Lovers Meal between June 21 and July 12, at participating locations while supplies last.

Image via KFC