Steak-N-Stuff On Restaurant Impossible

Steak-N-Stuff On Restaurant Impossible
Steak-N-Stuff On Restaurant Impossible

On tonight’s episode of Restaurant Impossible, Robert Irvine and his team are in Cottonwood, Arizona to makeover Steak-N-Stuff Restaurant & Tavern.


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According to the episode synopsis, the Steak-N-Stuff is a family-run restaurant where co-owners Mark and Susie are struggling to keep the restaurant afloat. While Mark’s son Blake wants more responsibility, Mark isn’t willing share the workload, even if that means jeopardizing his already bad health. Robert is tasked with finding out what’s really to blame for the failing restaurant, while helping the family get back on the right track.

The makeover happened back in early April 2022.

Following the makeover, the Steak-N-Stuff  posted the following message in its Facebook page on April 9, 2022:

Okay everyone, we just went through a big change for the better and we are all excited!!! Come in and try it you will love it. Exciting new design & new menu with more to come. We are in period of adjustment so thank you for your patience. We look forward to you coming in and trying it & supporting us!

A Closer Look

  • The Steak-N-Stuff is active on Facebook, but doesn’t appear to have a dedicated website.
  • You can check out post-makeover reviews of Steak-N-Stuff  via Google Reviews, Yelp, and TripAdvisor.

Google Street View of Steak-N-Stuff

Image via Twitter/@RobertIrvine