Kinder Bueno Is Giving Away “Sip N’ Savor” Seats In Honor Of National Coffee Day

Kinder Bueno Is Giving Away "Sip N' Savor" Seats
Kinder Bueno Is Giving Away "Sip N' Savor" Seats

Kinder Bueno is celebrating National Coffee Day with the introduction of “Unwrap and Ungrind,” a new addition to their annual coffee program with the goal of helping coffee and chocolate aficionados alike to slow down and sip and savor their coffee moments with Kinder Bueno as well as a “Sip N’ Savor” seat giveaway.


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According to a Kinder Bueno commissioned survey, 75 percent of coffee drinkers said that they feel better emotionally when they drink their coffee with chocolate. The survey results also suggests that chocolate (43%) is the most popular thing to pair with coffee. In fact, chocolate was found to be so closely tied to coffee that 75% of coffee and chocolate pairers said that they felt emotionally better when they have the two together and 84% can improve their day with the duo if they can sip and savor their coffee whenever and wherever they choose.

Sip N’ Savor Seats Giveaway

As part of the celebration, and to help inspire coffee moments that you can savor, Kinder Bueno is giving away up to 10 of their “Sip N’ Savor” seats. The chairs contain a cushioned pillow rest complete with a coffee cup holder and an armrest caddy to hold all your Kinder Bueno chocolate bars as you sip and savor your coffee. To enter, simply visit Instagram and comment on the designated sweepstakes post shared by @KinderBuenoUS now through September 29, 2022.

Kinder Bueno is a crispy creamy chocolate bar that comes with a creamy hazelnut filling in a crispy wafer, enrobed in milk chocolate and a dark chocolate drizzle.

Image via Kinder Bueno