Dunkin’ Replaces DD Perks With New Dunkin’ Rewards Program

Dunkin’ Replaces DD Perks With New Dunkin’ Rewards Program
Dunkin’ Replaces DD Perks With New Dunkin’ Rewards Program

Dunkin’ has replaced its popular DD Perks loyalty program with Dunkin’ Rewards, a new-and-improved loyalty program that promises more food and beverage rewards, increased flexibility on when and how fans choose to use their points, and an all-new Boosted Status.


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With the new program, members can now redeem points for anything on the menu (free breakfast sandwiches, bagels and more), stack points to redeem them for larger orders, keep points that don’t expire and get recognized for their loyalty through an all-new Boosted Status to earn points even faster.

Boosted Status is a new loyalty tier within Dunkin’ Rewards for its most dedicated fans. Members can visit 12 times in a calendar month to reach Boosted Status and unlock even more points and benefits for 3 months.

Additionally, members now earn a food reward after spending $15, compared to unlocking their first reward after spending $40 with DD Perks. Members will now be able to enjoy rewards faster than ever by receiving 10 points for every $1 spent compared to 5 points with DD Perks.

Dunkin’ Rewards allows members to redeem points for an entire line-up of food and drink items, featuring Dunkin’ fan-favorites:

  • 150 points: Li’L Treats (your choice of one Espresso shot added to a drink, one 3-count MUNCHKINS® Donut Hole Treats, or one 6-count Hash Browns)
  • 250 points: One classic donut
  • 400 points: A small, medium or large hot or Iced Tea
  • 500 points: A small, medium or large hot or Iced Coffee
  • 600 points: Bites and Bagels (a Wake-Up Wrap® sandwich or a bagel with spread)
  • 700 points: Crafted Drinks: A small, medium or large Cold Brew, Cold Brew with Cold Foam, Dunkin’ Refresher or Espresso drink (hot or iced!)
  • 800 points: Breakfast Sandwiches (excludes Signature Sandwiches)
  • 900 points: Premium Sips (a small, medium or large frozen drink or Signature Latte – hot or iced)

To thank Dunkin’ fans for their continued support, Dunkin’ is gifting current members 150 points. That means every existing member across the country will unlock a free Li’L Treat reward for one of the following: 3-count Munchkins Donut Hole Treats, 6-count Hash Browns, or one Espresso shot added to a drink.

Current DD Perks members will be converted automatically into Dunkin’ Rewards with their existing points, and Dunkin’ Rewards points won’t expire as long as members remain active by making one or more qualifying Dunkin’ purchases every six months.

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