Hideaway Bar & Grill On Bar Rescue

The Hideaway Bar & Grill On Bar Rescue
The Hideaway Bar & Grill On Bar Rescue

On tonight’s episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and his team are in Meridian, Idaho to rescue the Hideaway Bar & Grill.


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According to the episode synopsis, when Taffer arrives at the Hideaway Bar & Grill, he “faces an owner ( Dwayne) unwilling to own up to his mistakes and failures and a staff unwilling to speak the truth about him.”

Taffer Walks Out

Judging by the dramatic episode teaser video posted on social media, it appears Taffer bolted from the Hideaway in a black SUV without remodeling the bar. In the video, a member of Taffer’s communications team can be heard saying “Jon is leaving, I repeat, Jon is leaving the bar… Let’s go ahead and strike everything… Guys, it looks like we’re walking out of this one.”

The makeover attempt happened back in the summer of 2022.

A Closer Look

  • The Hideaway Bar & Grill is active on Facebook.
  • The bar’s domain name is expired.
  • Earlier this year, the Hideaway Bar & Grill was listed for sale on TOK Commercial Real Estate.
  • The selling price, according to LoopNet was $2,725,000.
  • According to Region IV Development, the Hideaway Bar and Grill originally opened in 2012 and operated from a leased facility, which the business outgrew. Owner Dwayne took the opportunity to purchase land and build a facility that would better fit their needs. The new location is within the same complex as their previous location.

Google Street View of The Hideaway Bar & Grill

Image via Google Street View