Dog Haus Introduces New Korean BBQ Sausage

Dog Haus Introduces New Korean BBQ Sausage
Dog Haus Introduces New Korean BBQ Sausage

Dog Haus introduces new Korean BBQ Sausage as part of the brand’s ongoing Absolute Würst Sausage Series for June 2023.


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The new all-beef Korean BBQ Sausage is flavored with soy sauce, brown sugar, garlic, ginger, sesame oil, white rice, napa cabbage kimchi, sesame seeds and scallions. Once grilled, the caramelized sugars bring out flavors reminiscent of classic Korean BBQ restaurants in the form of a gourmet sausage.

King’s Hawaiian, the bread supplier for Dog Haus’ hot dog and burger rolls, is celebrating Hawaiian Foods Week from June 12-16. In honor of its long-standing partnership, Dog Haus’ Würstmacher Adam Gertler and King’s Hawaiian Chef Gregory Stockdale have created the “Aloha Way” for the Korean BBQ Sausage with gochujang aioli, spicy slaw with chili crisp, crispy fried onions and scallions on grilled King’s Hawaiian rolls.

Dog Haus is also inviting fans to enjoy the Korean BBQ Sausage “Your Way” with their own favorite toppings on grilled King’s Hawaiian rolls; the “Corn Dog Way” covered in Dog Haus’ signature root beer batter with spicy mayo; “Breakfast Way” with three sunny-side up eggs, tots, American cheese, scallions, crispy onions and spicy mayo all wrapped burrito-style in a grilled flour tortilla; or “Sliced Way” which focuses solely on the sausage with a side of spicy mayo.

A new sausage arrives each month, with each Dog Haus location receiving approximately 200 links. Fans are encouraged to buy them early, as they sell out quickly.

Dog Haus donates $1 to No Kid Hungry from every Absolute Würst Sausage Series item sold.

Image via Dog Haus