Bonchon Adds New Yangnyeom Sauce

Bonchon Introduces New Yangnyeom Sauce
Bonchon Adds New Yangnyeom Sauce

Bonchon adds a new saucing option with the introduction of new Yangnyeom Sauce.


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Yangnyeom Sauce is a traditional Korean sauce that is sweet, savory and spicy with hints of garlic and soy. The new sauce joins Bonchon’s signature Spicy and Soy Garlic sauces, adding a new flavor profile to the mix.

In addition to the new sauce, Bonchon is debuting K-Meals To-Go and K-Boxes To-Go, tailor-made for large group orders. The K-Meal To-Go includes an assortment of wings, drumsticks and sides, and feeds groups up to 10, starting at $39.99 The K-Box To-Go features 50 wings in three flavors, two pounds of fries and five dipping sauces.

Image via Bonchon