IHOP Lunches New Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola Nationwide Alongside New Pancake-Inspired Milkshakes And More For Spring 2024

IHOP Lunches New Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola Nationwide Alongside New Pancake-Inspired Milkshakes And More For Spring 2024
IHOP Lunches New Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola Nationwide Alongside New Pancake-Inspired Milkshakes And More For Spring 2024

IHOP today announced the reintroduction of the Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola, available exclusively at participating IHOP restaurants across the country. Alongside this iconic beverage, IHOP is expanding its menu with an array of flavors designed to tantalize taste buds throughout the day, including the debut of first-ever pancake-inspired milkshakes and a delectable partnership with Sonic the Hedgehog, offering exclusive rewards for loyalty members.


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Originally launched in March 2022 in partnership with Pepsi, the limited-edition Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola quickly became a sensation among pancake aficionados, with only a fortunate 2,000 individuals able to savor its indulgent flavor. Now, IHOP is to bringing this highly sought-after beverage to the masses, starting April 1, 2024, in participating restaurants nationwide.

Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola and Float offer a fusion of maple syrup-infused delight with the crisp, refreshing caramel notes of Pepsi, available both as a standalone beverage and as a float with creamy vanilla ice cream.

In addition to the Pepsi Maple Syrup Cola, IHOP is enhancing its menu with a plethora of new offerings to cater to every palate. Highlights include:

Pancake of the Month: Featuring innovative flavors like April’s Cinnamon Apple Pecan Pancakes, IHOP’s Pancake of the Month offers a delightful twist on classic breakfast favorites.
Sweet and savory core menu additions: From Classic Chicken Sandwiches to House-Made Milkshakes and Silk Oatmeal Cookie Oat Creamer, IHOP is serving up an array of delectable options crafted with quality and value in mind.

Furthermore, IHOP is thrilled to announce its partnership with SEGA, celebrating the beloved Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. Loyalty members can now earn PanCoins to redeem for exclusive Sonic-themed content, including a DLC Amy outfit for SEGA’s latest game, Sonic Superstars, and full game download codes for Sonic Superstars, Sonic Frontiers, and Sonic Origins Plus. Additionally, fans can indulge in a Sonic-inspired menu featuring six exciting items.

From Sonic’s Blue Blur Special to Amy’s Sweet Strawberry Delight, IHOP’s Sonic-inspired menu promises an epic culinary adventure for fans of all ages.

Fans can head to their local IHOP restaurant and try a Sonic-inspired menu of six different items.

  • Sonic’s Blue Blur Special: Four buttermilk pancakes with double the blueberries for double the speed! Ask to try them with blueberry syrup
  • Knuckles’ Chicken Sandwich: A crispy chicken sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese, & buttermilk ranch that won’t leave you hangry. Order with a side of “gold” onion rings
  • Tails’ 2x2x2: Two eggs, two pancakes, two bacon strips or two sausage links – just like Tails, everything good comes in twos
  • Shadow’s Chaos Chocolate Pancakes: Go ahead and be a little chaotic – a four-stack filled with chocolate chips is the ultimate pancake experience
  • Amy’s Sweet Strawberry Delight: Vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, and fresh strawberries atop a golden-brown waffle quarter is a perfectly sweet dessert for an epic adventure. Ask to try with strawberry syrup
  • Dr. Eggman’s Benedict: A 300 IQ genius like Eggman knows that black forest ham, poached eggs, & creamy hollandaise sauce makes for a superior meal

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