Yogurtland Adds New Strawberry Matcha And New Milk & Honey Flavors

Yogurtland Adds New Strawberry Matcha And New Milk & Honey Flavors
Yogurtland Adds New Strawberry Matcha And New Milk & Honey Flavors

As spring blooms across the nation, Yogurtland, the self-serve frozen yogurt brand, unveils its latest seasonal creations. Featuring two new exclusive flavors, Strawberry Matcha and Milk & Honey, alongside the return of the fan-favorite Strawberry Mango Sorbet as the “Flavor of the Year,” Yogurtland invites fans on a flavorful journey to welcome the season.


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The new Strawberry Matcha blends the freshness of strawberries with the earthy undertones of Matcha, promising a unique and vibrant taste experience. Meanwhile, the new Milk & Honey flavor combines creamy vanilla with the sweetness of honey, offering a comforting treat for frozen yogurt enthusiasts. Back by popular demand, the Strawberry Mango Sorbet boasts real strawberries and sweet mango, ensuring a refreshing delight for all.

To complement these seasonal delights, Yogurtland presents limited-time-only toppings such as Lychee Star Jelly and Strawberry Heart Jelly, enhancing the experience with additional bursts of flavor and texture.

Moreover, to cater to the evolving preferences of customers, Yogurtland introduces two exclusive online treats: the Strawberry Mango Burst and the Dirt Cup. The Strawberry Mango Burst, featuring Strawberry Mango Sorbet topped with fresh strawberries and mango bubble burst, offers a refreshing pick-me-up for online patrons. Meanwhile, the Dirt Cup, with its creamy chocolate base flavor topped with cookies and cream crumbles and sour gummy worms, promises a playful and indulgent experience.

Available exclusively online at yogurtland.com or through the Yogurtland app, these treats provide a convenient way for customers to enjoy Yogurtland’s offerings from the comfort of their homes.

As the season unfolds, Yogurtland continues its tradition of delighting customers with innovative flavors and experiences, inviting everyone to savor the joys of spring with every spoonful.

Image via Yogurtland