Wayback Burgers Launches New Maple Bacon Shake

Wayback Burgers Launches New Maple Bacon Shake
Wayback Burgers Launches New Maple Bacon Shake

Wayback Burgers has revamped its rewards program entirely. To mark the occasion, they’ve introduced a “Secret Menu,” granting exclusive access to a range of new Limited Time Offerings (LTOs) for rewards members. Leading the lineup is the new Maple Bacon Shake.


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The Maple Bacon Shake features a blend of hand-dipped vanilla ice cream, milk, maple syrup, and Wayback Crumbled Bacon, then topped with whipped cream and added bacon crumbles for good measure.

The new shake is available for a limited time for a suggested price of $6.99.

To celebrate the launch of the new Rewards program, Wayback Burgers is offering new and migrating fans a free Classic Burger with the purchase of $10 or more. For existing users, all data, including accrued points will be transferred over to the new program once they sign in and update their Wayback Burgers app, or log into Wayback Rewards via the website. Members of the Wayback Rewards program can also take advantage of impromptu challenges to earn extra points and will also enjoy a free Old Time Favorite Shake as a birthday treat which can be redeemed up to one-week before or after the date of birth entered in the account profile.

Designed with simplicity in mind, fans can take advantage of the Wayback Rewards program no matter where they order, including the ability to track purchases and redeem points via the app, online, at the counter or kiosks in select locations. Moreover, the program has simplified the way fans earn points for their purchases. For every $1 spent, members will earn one point with the opportunity to double that on Wayback Burgers Double Points Days. Points will be deposited in accounts with applicable rewards automatically populated for guests to select based on their current total.

Image via Wayback Burgers