Baskin-Robbins Launches New IF Movie Menu

Baskin-Robbins Launches New IF Movie Menu
Baskin-Robbins Launches New IF Movie Menu

Baskin-Robbins invites ice cream enthusiasts to embark on a flavorful journey inspired by Paramount Pictures’ latest film, IF, hitting theaters on May 17, 2024. Offering a limited-time experience, the ice cream shop introduces an exclusive menu that promises to sprinkle wonder into every scoop.


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Drawing inspiration from the characters ‘Blue‘ and ‘Blossom‘ from the movie, Baskin-Robbins unveils two new Flavors of the Month: Blue’s Boardwalk Bash and Blossom’s Berry Twirl. Blue’s Boardwalk Bash tantalizes taste buds with blue raspberry ice cream, crunchy Oreo Cookie Pieces, and cotton candy swirls, while Blossom’s Berry Twirl features a blend of strawberry and sweet cream ice creams, rainbow sprinkles, and pink sugar cookie dough flowers. Fans can even transform these flavors into Blue or Blossom Creature Creations, served in a specialty cup adorned with a character-inspired white chocolate topper.

Adding to the imaginative menu is the What IF? Sundae, featuring a slice of confetti cake, Blossom’s Berry Twirl, sweet strawberry topping, rainbow sprinkles, whipped cream, and a cherry – a sundae as vibrant and imaginative as its creators.

Beyond the silver screen, Baskin-Robbins and the IF Movie introduce Imagination Station, an interactive platform allowing fans to bring their imaginary friends to life through digital drawing. As a sweet bonus, participants receive a special offer for buy one scoop, get one 50% off, because imaginary friends deserve a treat too.

For those eager to immerse themselves in the IF experience, Baskin-Robbins presents the Coney Island-inspired Treat Your Imagination 4D Photo Booth pop-up experience at the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles on May 18. Attendees can indulge in the limited-time flavors, capture memories in an immersive photo booth, and stand a chance to win free ice cream for a year.

Starting May 1, the IF-inspired menu will be available at Baskin-Robbins locations nationwide, accessible for in-shop, online, or app orders while supplies last. Treat your imagination and indulge in the magic of Baskin-Robbins’ film-inspired creations.

Image via Baskin-Robbins