This portable Nima sensor will test your food for unwanted ingredients

NIMA Sensor
NIMA Sensor

A new pocket-sized sensor developed by San Francisco start-up 6SensorLabs will test a sample of your food for unwanted ingredients in as little as two minutes.


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The Nima sensor will certainly come as good news to anyone with a gluten sensitivity. As it currently stands, the Nima sensor can only detect signs the protein gluten, but the developers plan to expand Nima’s ability to detect other unwanted ingredients in the near future. Versions for detecting nuts and dairy ingredients are currently in development.

The Nima is portable and simple to use. Simply place a small sample of the food you want to test inside the disposable capsule, screw the cap closed, and place it in the device.


In about two minutes, Nima will display a smile if no unwanted ingredients are detected. It can detect gluten in 20 parts per million or more, which is the standard measure in the U.S. for gluten-free labeling.

The Nima will retail for $249, but can be pre-ordered today at a discount for $199. The Nina starter kit includes the sensor, three disposable test capsules, a charging cable and a carrying bag, or the Nima starter kit plus your first refill pack of 12 disposable test capsules.

The Nina will ship in mid-2016.