You Gotta Eat Here! visits two eateries in Newfoundland

Yellowbelly Brewery and Piatto Pizzeria
Yellowbelly Brewery and Piatto Pizzeria (Twitter)

Not all Chew Boom readers will be familiar with Food Network Canada, so please allow me a moment to explain. For all intents and purposes, Food Network Canada is the Canadian version of the U.S. Food Network, with one exception – the Canadian entity features a mix shows specifically produced for the Canadian market.


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One of those shows – You Gotta Eat Here! – just happens to be the Canadian version of the popular Food Network U.S. production, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, hosted by Guy Fieri.

Hosted by comedian John Catucci, You Gotta Eat Here! showcases the best places in Canada to eat. And like Fieri, Catucci travels across the country tasting the food and getting his hands dirty in the kitchen. But Catucci is no chef, he’s not even a cook, however, this talented host is more than capable in the kitchen – when given direction. His main role of course is to act as the viewer’s taste buds. And let’s just say this, he travels with his own personal fork.

We should also point out the fact that You Gotta Eat Here! doesn’t feature a host driving a classic red Camaro. Have you checked out the price of gas in Canada lately?

This week, Catucci travelled to the Canadian province of Newfoundland where he visited two St. John’s restaurants – the Yellowbelly Brewery on Water Street and Piatto Pizzeria and Enoteca on Duckworth Street – to be featured on a future episode of You Gotta Eat Here!

Here’s a Vine of Catucci sampling the pizza at Piatto Pizzeria and Enoteca in St. John’s.

Fans of the show took the opportunity to get selfies with the show’s host.