Burger King starts a chicken nuggets fast-food war

Burger King chicken nuggets
Burger King chicken nuggets

The fight is on! Burger King just threw down the gauntlet in the fast-food fight to capture the spare change in your pocket.


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On Thursday, the burger chain announced that it was bringing back a fan favorite: 10 chicken nuggets for just $1.49.

The move is a sure sign the battle between the top fast-food chains is heating up.

On Monday, McDonald’s announced it would offer a “McPick 2” deal – a twist on the wildly popular Dollar Menu that will let hungry customers pick two of the following items for $2: a McDouble, a McChicken, small fries and mozzarella sticks. The “McPick 2” set to debut in January.

Burger King’s value deal will be available for a limited time at participating locations.