This giant beer keg Christmas tree is nothing like Charlie Brown’s

Beer Keg Christmas Tree
Beer Keg Christmas Tree (Instagram)

We think we’ve found the perfect stacking game. What could be better than stacking beer kegs to build a giant Christmas tree? Drinking beer of course, but we’ll get to that later.


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Last year, the Genesee Brewing Co. in Rochester, New York built a giant 24-foot-tall Christmas tree out of 300 empty beer kegs. This year they went bigger by adding 100 additional kegs, bringing the total build to 11 layers of 400 kegs. Overall, the tree grew by 2 feet, to an astounding 26 feet.

The first two layers take up about half the kegs. But these kegs will have a life after the holidays. They’ll all be refilled and go back into circulation.

The keg tree is rocking and rolling! Happy Holidays!

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On to the second level! Our keg tree will use 400 kegs and will rise 26 glorious feet into the Rochester sky.

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