Watch this Tim Horton’s worker throw hot coffee at drive-thru customer

Tim Horton's worker throws hot coffee
Tim Horton's worker throws hot coffee at customer (YouTube)

Things got overheated at a Tim Horton’s coffee shop in Michigan where an angry male employee was caught on video throwing scalding hot coffee and Tim Bits donut holes at a drive-thru customer back in October.


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The whole thing started after the drive-thru customer asked the employee to dispose of his old coffee, according to WDIV Detroit.  When the employee refused to accept the old coffee, the customer refused the fresh coffee and started to drive away. That’s when a second Tim Horton’s employee started throwing scalding hot coffee at the customer through the drive-thru window.

According to the customer, the employee started to scream racial slurs. That’s when the customer returned to the window and threw cold coffee at the employees. He’s now suing Tim Horton’s over the incident.

“It’s a felonious assault. He threw hot coffee, it struck him in the face,” Majed Moughni, the customer’s attorney said in a statement.

The coffee shop released a statement saying guest safety is of paramount concern to Tim Horton’s and they have taken the appropriate steps to address the matter.