Donald Trump Burger dumped from Canadian burger joint’s menu

Donald Trump Burger
Donald Trump Burger

Well, it seems the Donald Trump Burger is just too much for Canadians to stomach. In an unprecedented move seldom seen in the gourmet burger world, a restaurant in Winnipeg, Manitoba has decided to dump “The Donald” from the menu.


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Nuburger’s decision to dump the most decadent and expensive burger from their menu came after Trump’s call to ban Muslims from entering the U.S.

The owners took to their Facebook page to explain the reason for dumping Trump from the menu:

“All joking aside, we knew Donald Trump was an arrogant, ignorant joke and we named the burger after him to get a laugh! We didn’t know until now the extent of his disturbing, bigoted, fascist and misogynist ideologies. Now we absolutely want NO association with his name in any way shape or form. Donald…you’re fired!”

Nuburger, Winnipeg. (Instagram)

“The Donald,” which has been on Nuburger’s menu since day one features Bothwell cheddar cheese, an omega-3 egg, sautéed mushrooms, truffle aioli, balsamic onions, tomato and lettuce tossed in a black currant-shiraz reduction.

Nuburger held a contest to rename the burger, with the winner receiving a $50 gift card to spend at the restaurant.

Yesterday Nuburger’s announced that “The Donald” will be now be known as “The Golden Boy.”