McDonald’s rolling out mac and cheese at select locations

McDonald's mac and cheese
McDonald's mac and cheese (McDonald's)

The crew here at Chew Boom simply love our comfort food, and we put mac and cheese at the top of our list. And now McDonald’s appears to be looking to capitalize on one of our greatest food weaknesses.


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For a limited time only, McDonald’s is testing mac and cheese at 18 restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio. Lisa McComb, a McDonald’s spokeswoman told CNN money that the chain is always looking for new ways to offer relevant tastes to their customers – “so we’re giving mac and cheese a try and gathering valuable feedback from our customers.”

The chain is currently test marketing mac and cheese in Happy Meals with fries, fruits and milk, for $3 and separately as a side for $1.75.

According to McComb, the experiment will continue in the Cleveland area until February, after that, well, that remains to be seen. But if mac and cheese proves to be a hit Cleveland, you can bet on a national launch.

From what we understand, like most McDonald’s products, the mac and cheese arrives at restaurants frozen. We really don’t know the effect this has on the taste texture of the product, but it could have an impact on how well the product is accepted by consumers. We should know something in the first half of 2016.

We’re already envisioning a Big Mac stuffed with a mouth-watering serving of mac and cheese and it’s driving our taste buds crazy just thinking about it.