Papa John’s discontinues Cinnapie dessert pizza

Papa John's Cinnapie discontinued
Papa John's Cinnapie discontinued

(See update below) Are you sitting? The crew at Chew Boom have sad news to report. Papa John’s has pulled the plug on the Cinnapie dessert pizza.


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Perhaps we’re stretching it a bit, but hey, that’s what foodies do when a menu item dies a profound, unannounced and largely ignored death. We celebrate new menu items, so it only seems fair to mourn the loss of a menu item. Ok, so we are stretching it.

The sad news of the Cinnapie’s demise comes by way of Robert D. Peyton over at My New Orleans. As he explains it, “the middle child in my home was promised a ‘Cinnapie’ by her mother.”

But as Peyton points out, when his wife attempted to order a Cinnapie online, she wasn’t able to find the dessert anywhere on the Papa John’s website.

The family only learned the sordid truth when Peyton’s wife picked up the telephone and called Papa John’s directly.

Peyton put it like this:

“Tears were shed.”

RIP Cinnapie.


Chew Boom brought the Cinnapie issue to the attention of Brand Eating on Twitter. The popular fast food blog believes the Cinnapie’s demise could be a “regional thing.”