McDonald’s is testing a Chicken McGriddle breakfast sandwich in Ohio

McDonald's Chicken McGriddle
McDonald's Chicken McGriddle (Screen Capture)

McDonald’s fans in parts of Ohio are being treated to a special menu item not available anywhere else – at least for now.


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According to Columbus Business First, McDonald’s is testing a Chicken McGriddle sandwich at 11 restaurants in central Ohio.

The breakfast sandwich features what appears to be a McChicken patty between maple syrup-infused pancakes.

Serious McDonald’s fans will know that the concept isn’t new. It’s a fairly well known menu hack that’s achieved by combining a McChicken patty and a McGriddle.

@mcdonalds should make this happen. #chickenmcgriddle

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The report said the Chicken McGriddle will be available until March 27 and is being tested at two price points – $1.49 and $2.

Will the Chicken McGriddle be available nationwide? If testing proves consumers like fried chicken in the morning, you can bet the Chicken McGriddle will fly.