Restaurant Impossible: BFE Bar and Grill ambushed and renamed Pointers Grill

Restaurant Impossible: BFE Bar and Grill ambushed and renamed Pointers Grill
Restaurant Impossible: BFE Bar and Grill ambushed and renamed Pointers Grill (Twitter)

This week, Robert Irvine and the Restaurant Impossible crew are at the BFE Bar and Grill in Waynesboro, Georgia, after responding to a heartbreaking plea for help from Megan Vandenbulcke, who owns the bar and grill with her husband Michael Vandenbulcke. This week’s episode is fittingly titled ‘A Taxing Situation.’


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With the establishment in deep debt, and suffering from a seriously damaged reputation, Robert arrives at the scene only to learn that the state suspended the restaurant’s liquor license for not paying taxes. With numerous problems to resolve, including family issues and painfully slow food service, Robert finds himself having to pick and choose where to focus.

Robert provided some insight into the dire situation during an interview with NBC26 on January 21.

“The owners have gone through a turmoil in their relationship, have three kids, their house is about to be taken away.”

Back on January 22, Chew Boom featured a sneak peek at the then upcoming BFE Bar and Grill ambush episode. Our sneak peek provides a good primer on the restaurant’s situation, including a shooting and stabbing at the watering hole that left one man dead and another injured.

With the BFE Bar and Grill’s reputation in the tank, Robert rebranded the bar and grill and along with the makeover. Irvine renamed the establishment Pointers Grill at Hancock Landing.

Chew Boom obtained a copy of the Pointers Grill liquor license and it shows they were able to regain their license under the bar and grill’s original name.

BFE Bar and Grill Liquor License
BFE Bar and Grill Liquor License

Here’a a couple of tweets from Pointers Grill co-owner Megan Vandenbulcke

The Reviews

We always like to take a look at reviews post-makeover, but in the case of Pointers Grill, reviews are thin. We were able to find a couple on Yelp. Here’s a taste of what’s being said.

Craig L. on February 27 – 5 stars: I’ve eaten here several times now and it’s been great every time. The staff is cheerful and friendly. The atmosphere (especially since the Food Network treatment) is fun and upbeat with a classy element. The food is excellent and presented well.

Wunelle E. on February 28 – 4 Stars: From out of town and stopped in with a friend who lives in area. I have not been there previously so don’t have the feelings about the change that some locals might. I thought the food was really good, loved the decor (seemed a bit out of place for area tho) but the bar stools were SO high, I could barely get up on it. I wish them well with the new makeover…

Restaurant: Impossible ‘A Taxing Situation’ airs March 23 on Food Network.