Robert Irvine ambushes BFE Bar and Grill in Waynesboro, GA

Restaurant Impossible at BFE Bar and Grill
Restaurant Impossible at BFE Bar and Grill (Facebook)

UPDATE: We now have our full BFE Bar and Grill ambush episode primer posted – in which we reveal Robert renamed the eatery.


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When Food Network’s Restaurant Impossible returns for a new season later this spring, fans can expect Season 12’s ambush theme to continue in Season 13. The BFE Bar and Grill in Waynesboro, GA, was ambushed by Robert Irvine and crew this week. Chew Boom has a sneak peek at what fans can expect to see when the episode airs.

First off, this is just a sneak peek, so we’re not going to spill all the beans. So no spoilers, just some titillating peeks at the mission. We’ll get into reviews and other details when the episode airs later this spring, for now, just a peek.

Let’s get this out of the way first, last February, the BFE Bar and Grill was the scene of a shooting and stabbing that left one man dead and another injured. You can read the details at WRDW News 12.

According to our sources, the BFE Bar and Grill received a serious makeover, including a top-to-bottom renovation and a rebranding with a new name. Considering the circumstances, the rebranding was probably seen as a mandatory element of the makeover.

Here’s a little on the background of the owners: Their relationship is in turmoil, they’re in danger of losing their home, and they have three children. Just an average day at the office for Robert Irving and the Restaurant Impossible crew.

The reveal and grand opening took place on Thursday, Jan. 21.

Below you will find some social media posts by Robert Irvine and Tom Bury related to the BFE Bar and Grill ambush.

Blank canvas at the BFE Bar and Grill in Waynesboro, GA. #restaurantimpossible

Posted by Chef Robert Irvine on Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Just landed at an undisclosed airport to fix up and undisclosed restaurant…..or play golf! #restaurantimpossible #ambush I really hope its golf!

Posted by Tom Bury on Monday, January 18, 2016