Bar Rescue – Derby’s Bar and Grill formerly The Wheelhouse Bar in Hemet, California

Bar Rescue - Derby’s Bar and Grill formerly The Wheelhouse Bar in Hemet, California
Bar Rescue - Derby’s Bar and Grill formerly The Wheelhouse Bar in Hemet, California

This week on Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Hemet, California to help rescue the The Wheelhouse Bar. During the makeover, which went down in April, Taffer renamed the bar, Derby’s Bar & Grill.


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Fresh out of high school, owner Jesse Vivanco accepted the position as general manager of a very popular local roller skating rink. By 1998 he had taken over skating rink operation, and in 2004 he enhanced the operation by opening The Wheelhouse Bar, with profits from the roller skating business.

The bar enjoyed strong initial success and sustained it for about a decade, pulling in up to $60,000 a month. But with unruly, disrespectful staff, and new big name competition in the area, The Wheelhouse Bar quickly started losing patrons and money. With the bar losing $6,500 a month, and $150,000 in debt, Jesse will be forced to close the entire operation in six to eight months, unless he can find a way stop the bleeding. Enter Bar Rescue and Jon Taffer.

A Closer Look

You can head on over the Derby’s Bar & Gill’s Facebook Page to get an idea of what’s happening at the bar since the rescue. Jesse also launched a new Derby’s Bar & Grill website. You can learn more about owner Jesse Vivanco by visiting his personal Facebook Page.The bar is also on Twitter, and Instagram.

You can also get a closer look at some of the staff featured in the Bar Rescue episode, including – Security and bartender Dean Powers, bartender Stephanie (Brown) McLain, server Danielle Brooke, bartender Ashleigh Powers and cocktail waitress Cassi Covington. The bar is holding a viewing party during the Bar Rescue broadcast on Spike, Sunday night.


Here’s a sneak peek at the inside of the new Derby’s Bar and Grill, post-Bar Rescue.

Sneak peak we shot of the all new Derby’s Bar & GrillSneak peak we shot of the all new Derby’s Bar & Grill

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Big Reveal Captured On Video By YouTuber

A fan captured video of the big reveal party the moment the new name of the bar was unveiled to the public, bar staff, and Jesse.

Behind The Scenes Video Captured Moments Before The Big Reveal


The Reviews Are In

As always, we like to take a look at reviews of the bars featured on Bar Rescue since the makeover. Although very few reviews since the rescue exist, as you can see from those available below from Yelp the majority are on the positive side.

Positive Reviews

  • Ashley the bartender was a total sweetheart and made our time there completely enjoyable. Sad it was closing time. Wanted to keep chatting wth her.
  • The female bartender was the best!!! She went out of her way to make sure we were enjoying ourselves.
  • Great new vibe!!!  This place has been revamped into the place to go in Hemet. The new drink menu has several cool new drinks, the Jammer was my favorite!

Negative Reviews

  • Got warm beer and warm glasses. No music, no patrons, and after bar rescue came no changes except for paint. Oh and you can’t get food until 8pm. Never again and I used to frequent that bar

Bar Rescue Episode Promo Videos – Wheels of Misfortune

Wheels Of Misfortune

Roller Rink Bar on the Ropes

Images – Facebook / YouTube

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