Bar Rescue At Summit House Grill And Tap In Lakewood, Colorado

Bar Rescue At The Summit House Grill And Tap In Lakewood, Colorado
Bar Rescue At The Summit House Grill And Tap In Lakewood, Colorado

Tonight on Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Lakewood, Colorado to try to rescue the Summit House Grill and Tap. Jon Taffer did not change the name of the Summit Grill during the bar rescue – which took place near the end of August back in 2016.


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The Summit House Grill & Tap was founded by Josh Lubliner in 2014. Josh says Summit House is losing $4,500 a month and has a debt of $750,000. According to the Bar Rescue synopsis, Josh is yet another bar owner with a drinking problem that threatens not only his business, but his marriage to wife Alexia.

An article in the Lakewood Sentinel from 2014 (5 weeks after opening Summit House), reports the Summit House is the second restaurant opened by the Lubliners – their first was the Rox Bar and Grill in Littleton, Colorado. When asked in 2014 how he got involved in the business, Josh told the Denver Post  that after working at Chipotle Mexican Grill for five years he decided to go out on his own and open the Rox Bar – saying he “hasn’t looked back since.”

Josh Lubliner and Alexia Lubliner on Bar Rescue
Josh Lubliner and Alexia Lubliner on Bar Rescue

A Closer Look, or Not

While the vast majority of owners that appear on Bar Rescue usually maintain a social media presence on sites like Facebook and Twitter, Josh and Alexia appear to be among the non-participating minority. As for the Summit House Facebook page, it appears to have been taken down.

According to FOX News affiliate FOX31 in Denver, the Summit House failed two surprise restaurant inspections with 14 critical violations found in April and December 2016. Violations included “moldy lemons, employees washing hands for 5 seconds, no soap at the hand sink, and employees were ordered to clean a dish machine, pizza ovens and walls.”

The Reviews Are In

As always, and when available, we like to take a look at online reviews of bars that appear on the show since Taffer’s intervention. In the case of the Summit House, Yelp reviewers are decidedly mixed, while tilting toward the positive side. Here’s a quick look as some Yelp review highlights:

Positive Reviews

  • We were tired, hungry, and desperate for a cold one. This place solved all our problems in one spot!! Josh, the owner, made it a point to take great care of us when we walked in at an off time (2p- late for lunch, too early for happy hour).
  • Went to Summit House on a whim and it was not a bad spot to go to. The service here was average, it wasn’t spectacular service but our drinks were refilled and our waitress made good suggestions.
  • First time in. Nice people, good beer selection. And, the food was yummy. We will be back. Thanks y’all.
  • Summit House is a great locally owned place in contrast with it’s overcrowded chain restaurant neighborhood.

Negative Reviews

  • We were there last night for the ” bar rescue” relaunch and we will never ever go back. This was one of the worst displays at pretending to know how to run a bar
    Service was TERRIBLE!!!!
  • Not a great experience. The fish and chips were mushy. ..manager said they were probably not cooked right. I got the firehouse burger made with buffalo, but a little too many jalapenos for me.
  • Strange experience. Food was good. Service was alright. But I watched who I can only imagine was the manager go behind the bar and make himself a cocktail, then bring it to the back, then later pour a beer for a guy working on the line in the kitchen and hand it to him (Open kitchen).
  • While we were waiting the owner came by, and chatted with us for a few minutes, and seemed like a nice enough guy. Later during the meal we were saying how we thought the place could use a Bar Rescue.

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