Bar Rescue At The Dugout (Press Box) In Chicago, Illinois

Bar Rescue At The Dugout (Press Box) In Chicago, Illinois
Bar Rescue At The Dugout (Press Box) In Chicago, Illinois (Facebook)

Tonight on Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer and crew are in Chicago, Illinois to try to rescue The Dugout. The sports bar is located in the neighborhood of Wrigleyville, the nickname given to the area directly surrounding Wrigley Field. During the Bar Rescue makeover, which took place in September 2016, Jon Taffer decided to change the name of The Dugout to Press Box. The owner, Ed Cressy decided not to keep the Press Box name – however, in an unexpected twist, the Press Box name remains.


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Cressy is basically an accidental bar owner, with The Dugout pretty much falling into his lap after its former owner failed to pay rent for 10 months.

During the makeover, Taffer gave the The Dugout a new “press box” concept, thus the Press Box name. While Cressy decided to change the bar’s name back to The Dugout, he did keep the Press Box name by moving Taffer’s concept upstairs, into a space previously occupied by a pizzeria. Cressy told the Chicago Tribune that he didn’t want to invest in changing the sign again.

“A Complete Nightmare”

To say that Cressy is an unhappy camper would be an understatement. He recently opened up about his Bar Rescue experience in an article published in the Chicago Tribune. “It was a complete nightmare, what he (Taffer) put me through,” the Tribune quoted Cressy as saying.

“I had to redo all the things that Jon did wrong,” said Cressy. He accused Taffer of doing a “quick paint job” that looked good on camera, “but (he) used really cheap paint that flakes off.”

As for the show’s menu, Cressy told the Tribune that he dropped the new ham sandwich, which he says “bombed,” and is bringing back The Dugout’s signature loaded tots with bacon, pulled pork, sour cream, onions, chives, tomatoes, jalapenos and cayenne pepper.


But don’t expect a viewing party – both The Dugout and Press Box are currently closed for business. Cressy hopes to reopen both locations on March 9. For more photos post-makeover, you can check out The Dugout Facebook page, which has been inactive since the Bar Rescue filming.

Bar Rescue - The Dugout - Press Box Makeover
Bar Rescue – The Dugout – Press Box Makeover (Facebook)

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