Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm On Shark Tank

Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm On Shark Tank
Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm On Shark Tank

On tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, a family of four from Kingwood, New Jersey, pitch their hobby-turned-business Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm.


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Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm is a raw honey business started by Kam and Summer Johnson after their youngest son Zach – who has asthma – developed “very bad” seasonal allergies. After reading about the many benefits of raw honey and how it can help prevent allergies through a concept called immunotherapy, the family decided to source raw honey from local beekeepers. They noticed huge improvements in Zach’s allergies which in turn inspired the family to become beekeepers and produce pure, raw honey off their own, with no pesticides or additives.

Today, Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm produces a wide variety of flavored raw honey products, including Wildflower Honey with Fruits & Vegetables, Wildflower Honey Immunity Boosters, Wildflower Bee Pollen, Beeswax candles and more.

In The Tank

Zach, Zoe, Kam and Summer face five hungry sharks in the Tank: Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Barbara Corcoran and Guest Shark Daniel Lubetzky.

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