Coca-Cola’s Latest Creation Celebrates K-Pop Fandom With Limited-Edition Flavor And Experiences

Coca-Cola's Latest Creation Celebrates K-Pop Fandom With Limited-Edition Flavor And Experiences
Coca-Cola's Latest Creation Celebrates K-Pop Fandom With Limited-Edition Flavor And Experiences

In a thrilling fusion of flavors and fandom, Coca-Cola has unveiled its latest addition to the Coca-Cola Creations lineup: Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar. This exciting launch not only introduces a limited-edition flavor but also offers unique experiences aimed at celebrating the devoted global community of K-Pop enthusiasts.


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Today marks the introduction of Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar, the second drop for 2024 from Coca-Cola Creations. This special edition beverage, alongside immersive experiences, is designed to honor fans and their unwavering support for K-Pop artists. Through this initiative, fans will have the chance to engage with their favorite idols in innovative ways, both digitally and physically.

Dubbed as an embodiment of “Real Magic,” Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar creates a dynamic universe where K-fans and idols converge to celebrate the unparalleled dedication shared among them. Each sip of Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar promises to evoke the same excitement fans felt when they first embraced K-Pop, with a refreshing Coca-Cola taste infused with fruity K-Pop magic.

But the excitement doesn’t stop there. In collaboration with three prominent K-Pop groups—Stray Kids, ITZY, and NMIXX—as well as J.Y. Park, founder of JYP Entertainment, Coca-Cola Creations has orchestrated a series of unexpected experiences for devoted fans. The highlight of this collaboration is the release of the ultimate K-Pop anthem song and music video titled “Like Magic,” produced by J.Y. Park and featuring the aforementioned groups.

Fans will also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant world of K-Pop through the “Like Magic” Fan Music Video AI Experience. This AI-powered journey allows fans to insert themselves directly into the music video alongside their idols, creating personalized cameos by embedding their voice, name, and face into various segments of the video.

Jung Hyun Kwon, Category Lead for Japan and Korea at The Coca-Cola Company, emphasized the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Coca-Cola® K-Wave Zero Sugar is a celebration of shared passions from all over the world. By collaborating with some of the biggest names in K-Pop culture, Coca-Cola® K-Wave Zero Sugar is bringing fans together through innovative experiences that bring to life their special and unique devotion for their favorite artists, and the powerful impact that K-Pop has on culture.”

To further amplify the celebration, Coca-Cola Creations will host an epic K-Wave concert, , on June 2nd, featuring performances from artists under JYP Entertainment and other K-Pop sensations.

Additionally, the launch of Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar includes a fan-focused, limited-edition collaboration with PRIVATE POLICY, featuring apparel and accessories inspired by K-Pop culture.

Oana Vlad, Senior Director, Global Strategy at The Coca-Cola Company, expressed excitement about the initiative, stating, “We are excited to celebrate one of the most passionate fan communities in the world and create new experiences that we hope will bring Coca-Cola magic to fans across the globe.”

Coca-Cola K-Wave Zero Sugar is now available in select markets worldwide, including the United States, Spain, Singapore, South Korea, and more. A frozen variation will also be available in select markets.

Since its inception, the Coca-Cola Creations platform has continuously innovated, blending music, fashion, and technology to offer fans new expressions of creativity and cultural connections. By embracing emerging technologies and collaborating with artists and designers, Coca-Cola Creations remains committed to delivering the Real Magic of Coca-Cola to fans worldwide.

Image via Coca-Cola