Little Bites Launches New Lower Sugar Muffin Varieties

Little Bites Launches New Lower Sugar Muffin Varieties
Little Bites Launches New Lower Sugar Muffin Varieties

In a bid to cater to health-conscious consumers, Little Bites has rolled out its latest innovation: Lower Sugar Muffin Varieties. The pioneering addition to their lineup features two options: Little Bites Lower Sugar Apple Cinnamon Muffins and Little Bites Lower Sugar Chocolate Muffins. These freshly introduced treats boast reduced sugar content, real ingredients like apple and chocolate, and a dash of concealed vegetables, setting a new standard for guilt-free snacking.


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The Lower Sugar Muffin Varieties serve as a healthier alternative, offering less sugar compared to conventional options while retaining the signature flavor that fans have come to expect. These new muffins are conveniently portioned and ideal for individuals and families on the move.

Distinguished by their reduced sugar content and innovative ingredient blend, the Little Bites Lower Sugar Muffins offer a refreshing twist on traditional snacking. The Apple Cinnamon variant contains 9g of sugar, marking a 40% reduction compared to leading blueberry mini muffins, and features genuine apple and a concealed touch of zucchini, with no artificial colors. Meanwhile, the Chocolate iteration boasts only 8g of sugar and is enriched with real chocolate complemented by a hidden sweet potato element, presenting a 60% reduction in sugar compared to leading brownie mini muffins.

At just 160 calories per pouch, Little Bites Lower Sugar Muffins epitomize the intersection of taste and convenience, catering to the evolving preferences of discerning consumers.

Little Bites Lower Sugar Muffins are now available at major grocery retailers across the East and Central regions of the US.

Image via Little Bites