Hot dog war as 7-Eleven attacks Burger King’s Grilled Dogs

7-Eleven Proclaims Hot Dog Bill of Rights
7-Eleven Proclaims Hot Dog Bill of Rights

There’s a fast food war brewing and things are about to get messy. With Burger King set to enter the hot dog space with the official launch of Grilled Dogs on Feb. 23, 7-Eleven, the self-proclaimed hot dog king, is fighting back with the launch of the Hot Dog Bill of Rights.


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7-Eleven says they have been providing Americans with a hot dog standard based on freedom of choice since the 1970’s and they’re not about to accept Burger King limiting the people to just two pre-determined menu options: the Classic and Chili and Cheese. 7-Eleven is inviting fans to join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #hotdogdemocracy.

7-Eleven proclaimed the following Hot Dog Bill of Rights:

WHEREAS, we’re not about to let any King threaten that juicy, American liberty by limiting the people to just two pre-determined menu options; and

WHEREAS, 7-Eleven has provided Americans the highest standard and best taste1 in hot doggery for more than 40 years, resulting in annual sales of over 80 million at over 7,900 stores; and

WHEREAS, this monarch has the audacity to tell Americans how much chili and other toppings we can put on our hot dogs – and during an election year, no less;

NOW, THEREFORE, we, 7-Eleven, do hereby proclaim the following “Hot Dog Bill of Rights,” to wit:

I. The right to buy a tasty, 100% beef hot dog 24/7, 365 days a year.

II. The right to customize your hot dog with a variety of toppings, including FREE chili and cheese.

III. The right to a ¼ Pound Big Bite® and Big Gulp® combo for just $2.00, any time of day.

IV. The right to believe in totally made up, but totally tasty constitutional rights.

Hot Dog Bill of Rights
Hot Dog Bill of Rights