Is McDonald’s Launching A Bacon Big Mac On January 26, 2017?

Is McDonald’s Launching A Bacon Big Mac On January 26, 2017?
Is McDonald’s Launching A Bacon Big Mac On January 26, 2017?

Update: It’s not a Bacon Mig Mac or Waffle Fries – it’s Big Mac Special Sauce! To celebrate the launch of the two new Big Mac sizes, McDonald’s is giving away 10,000 bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce.


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McDonald’s is setting the stage for a big surprise announcement on January 26, 2017, according to a cryptic message that appeared on Twitter this week.

On Tuesday, McDonald’s posted a Twitter tease “From way up here, those numbers kinda look like… ,” accompanied by an image of the date “01.26.17.” While it’s impossible to say with any kind of certainty – the date numbers appear to be spelled out with hundreds of Big Macs (Full disclosure –  I was hungry when I examined the image).

McDonald's Surprise Announcement
McDonald’s Surprise Announcement

Here’s the tweet McDonald’s posted Tuesday.

Grand Mac and Mac Jr. ?

The smart money is on the chain announcing the nationwide launch of the much anticipated Grand Mac and Mac Jr. But there are other possibilities… Endless Fries, Waffle Fries or…

Bacon Big Mac?

At this point it’s just a mug’s game, but just today McDonald’s Canada launched the Bacon Big Mac. I’m told that the launch wasn’t anticipated and there was nothing to indicate a Bacon Big Mac was in the works.

While I remain skeptical on a Bacon Big Mac announcement, I’m still not willing to bet the January 26 announcement will involve the Grand Mac and Mac Jr. Until the official announcement is made, we’ll just have to keep speculating. And we will. Feel free to use the comment section below to post your best guess.

As for the Bacon Big Mac – it’s just that – an original Big Mac with bacon.

Bacon Big Mac
Bacon Big Mac

Images – Twitter/McDonal’s


  1. I just went to the McDonalds at Majormackenzie Road and Highway 400 in Toronto, and they are already serving the Bacon Big Mac at that location. Saw the sign in the drivethrough.

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